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        Add:The southern section of Fenghua street, Xinxiang high tech Zone, Henan

        100% cotton 32*32 FR fabric

        location: Home > Flame retardant fabric

        Detailed Parameters

        Product name:100% cotton 32*32 FR fabric

        Yarn Count:32*32



        Material: 100% cotton

        Shrinkage:Chinese standard/European standard/American standard



        Color:custom made

        100% cotton 32*32 FR fabric - Product Details

        The 100% cotton flame retardant material is made up of the 100% natural cotton fiber. Good air and water vapor permeability, comfortable and easy to wear and soft handfeel are its prominent feature. After processed by the fire retardant of Xinxing, permanent cross-linking can be formed in the inner organization of the fabric to make it have the permanent feature of flame retardant and thus it can be washed more than 50 times. This kind of flame retardant fabric can not only prevent the flame from spreading efficiently, but also keep the original property of it. The flame retardant property can meet the standard of ENISO11611, ENISO11612, ENISO14116, NFPA2112 ect.


        1)Specialized with self-extinguishing off flame 

        2)Excellent fireproof and thermal insulation

        3)Short carbon length and small strength loss

        4)Low formaldehyde

        5)Durable against normal washing

        6)Non-poisonous, smell free, safe to human body, soft and comfortable to wear

        7)Certificates: ENISO 11611, ENISO 14116, Oeko-Tex100, C-TPAT, BV, UL etc

        1529303479194018269 (2).jpg

        Xinxiang Xinxing Special Fabric CO., Ltd is a professional manufacture factory of 100% cotton 、CVC、C/N、Spandex、Rip-stop、fluorescence flame retardant, knitting flame retardant, all kinds of Coating、Compound fabric and other special protective fabrics. All the physical, chemical and special performances of the special protective fabrics could be tested at anytime.

        Our manager thinking is sincere and honest. We have desire to grow up together with you.

        Main products: 100% cotton、CVC、C/N、Spandex、Rip-stop、fluorescence flame retardant、knitting flame retardant, all kinds of Coating and Compound fabric and other special protective fabrics

        Other products: Anti-acid or alkali fabrics、oil resistant and water repellant fabrics、anti-static fabrics

        EN20-470、ISO EN11611、ISO EN11612、EN14116、NFPA2112、ASTMD6413、EN1149-3, UL, Oeko-tex100, 

        Main market: China, European community, America, Australia and etc.

        We have our own factory mainly that manufacture flame retardant fabric、functional fabric.

        We can control quality and delivery time, and also have a good cost performance.

        All quality of product can meet first quality ware of European community America and UK, the almost products provide for America, Australia and European community etc.

        We have our own test center; all the physical, chemical and special performances of the special protective fabrics could be tested at anytime.