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        A new patent for flame retardant knitting

        Publisher:Xinxing Time:2020-10-30 【Return List】

        In October 2020, New Star Company successfully developed flame retardant cotton knitting yarn dyeing.Flame retardant cotton knitting wood dyeing has the advantages of good fastness to sun.Its fastness to sunlight can reach 5 levels, which is about 3 levels higher than that of reactive dyeing, successfully solving problems such as poor fastness to sunlight.The dyeing process of knitting shilin invented by our company in the field of technological innovation fills the gap in China, and this technology won the second prize of zhengluo New Civil-military Integration Grand Prix in henan Province in 2018.The invention patent "Knitting wood dyeing process" has been accepted.Good quality requires excellent technology, Nova will be the best choice for your customers!


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