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        Notification: Qingming Festival Holiday

        Publisher:Xinxing Time:2018-06-20 【Return List】

        Our Holiday arrangements on 2015 Qingming Festival are as follows:

        A) Producing Dpt (workshop & garment factory): One day off (on 5th April).


        B) Machine & Equipments Maintaining Dpt: Off work in the morning of 5th April.


        C) Marketing, Purchasing & Dying Dpt: Two days Off (on 4th - 5th April).


        D) Financing & Warehouse Dpt: Three days Off (on 4th - 6th April).


        Some people will be arranged on duty in the relevant departments. 

        And please contact us by Telephone or Email in the holiday.


        Tel: 86-373-5838999

        Email: jingwuling@xinxingfr.com

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