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    Warm congratulations on the installation of our new type flame retardant ammonia fuming equipment

    Publisher:Xinxing Time:2018-06-20 【Return List】

    News Abstract: Installation of new FR equipment,flame retardant fabric producing equipment,fabric factory.



    Xinxing is a professional factory dedicated to the producing of flame retardant fabric, anti-static fabric, anti-acid fabric and other protective clothing. With the business development, Xinxing is always doing the energy saving work actively while expanding production capacity. We also increase the investment in the technology and equipment of the flame retardant fabric.

    Recently, we have just completed the installation of our new flame retardant ammonia fuming equipment. And the equipment is now in the technical debugging and trial operation before normal working.

    According to our technical departments saying, compared with the old ammonia fuming equipment, the new machine can improve the production capacity by several times, while the use of electricity and material has decreased a lot. As further, our product quality has been promoted to a higher level.

    In order to promote our efficiency and benefit, Xinxing has invested fund many times to promote technology and update equipments. We will improve continuously the quality and market competitiveness of our flame retardant fabric and clothing.

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